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Never Leave an Investor Meeting Before Asking These Questions | Inc.com

When you're focused on getting the check, it's easy to overlook what expectations come with it

11 Questions Founders Need to Ask Investors During the First Meeting | Alex Iskold

Last week we wrote about questions that investors ask founders during investor meetings. This week we are turning the tables and talking about questions that founders need to ask investors. Most fo…

Ask an Investor: Why is no one investing in my startup? - Shifter

Sean Percival is an American investor and entrepreneur with investments in over 120 early-stage startups. Formerly a partner at 500 Startups, today he works with X2 Labs, in Stavanger, and several startups in Oslo. Here, on Shifter he gives candid answers to common founder questions.   Raising money

The Four Main Things that Investors Look for in a Startup

I obviously don’t speak for all investors. But in my experience as an entrepreneur and now spending my time amongst investors I can generalize that almost all VC investments in early stage technology…