Terms and conditions of using Colleres

What are the contents of Colleres?

The goal of Colleres is help user to gather information sources in the form of related collections, which have been previously created on other websites on the internet.

The original content does not have to be owned by the person who posts it on our platform, because Colleres users only collect information and are not considered originators.

Regarding the state of contents published, whether publishing it is permitted or not by its owner, we at Colleres take no responsibility of the content shared by users on our platform or any follow-up responsibilities.

This also includes allegations of the originality of contents and of the ownership of the contents or intellectual ownership or any other legal rights.

You are the owner of the collection you create, and with no obligation of being the owner of the used resources; Colleres will not hide it from the users. By posting your collections on our platform, you agree to publically show them to others and to give us the right to use them in the way we see fit to provide our services, for example, showing, sharing, saving and using the collection in advertisement material and other things that match our platform. However, your collection will not be sold to any party.

Trial sample of Colleres

Colleres is currently in a trial period. Colleres takes no responsibility of losing any information while using the platform. We work constantly on bettering the service in order to provide a dependable platform.

Colleres rules

Colleres encourages collecting and sharing different information and opinions. We expect you to respect the versatility of thoughts and follow the rules of our platform. We believe that variation is a good thing and that it helps broaden the horizons and give you different perspectives on a certain topic, and perhaps help you learn new things. We also understand your feeling of frustration from certain perspectives, but that does not justify acting in an inappropriate way or breaking the rules.

We can change our terms of use at any time: we reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of using Colleres at any time. We will notify you of any change that happens some time before the change, and we will give you all the information regarding that change.

If you violate the terms and conditions of Colleres we will give you a warning and a chance to explain your actions, and we reserve the right to delete your account or take the actions we see suitable as a response to the breach of rules. It is also possible that we suspend or delete your account with notifying you. We reserve the right to apply the rules as we see suitable. We also reserve the right to edit or add rules to this list.